Alutex Plaited Packing 1100°C

Braided packing is produced from various types of yarn and can be supplied in round, square or rectangular section.

Braided ALUTEX packing is a high strength product with low compressibility and is especially recommended for heavy duty applications. When the packing is coated with graphite, and increase in lubricity results.

Braided ALUTEX packing is made from staple fibre yarns containing fibres with an average diameter of 9 microns.

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Chemical Properties

Braided Alutex Packing exhibits excellent chemical stability resisting attack from organic agents, water and hot acids (except HF)


  • Static seals in (steam) boilers and (coke) furnaces
  • Kiln car seals
  • Seals in heat exchangers
  • seals between filter elements
  • Wrapping of exhausts
  • Keramab N.V. has in-house facilities to apply the protective braiding directly on the flexible products


Additional information


6mm x 100M, 8mm x 100M, 10mm x 50M, 12mm x 50M, 20mm x 30M, 25mm x 30M, 30mm x 10M, 40mm x 10M, 50mm x 10M, 60mm x 10M

Average Density


Chemical Composition

Si0₂ – 94.5%
AI₂O₃ – 4.5%
Na₂O – < 0.5%
Further Components – < 0.5%

Basic Composition

Silicic acid

Linear Shrinkage

5- 6% (short term 1100°C)

Melting Point

1500 -1550°C


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