Alutex Webbing 1000°C (Plain or Ladder)

ALUTEX tape is a soft resilient product, available in a number of different thicknesses and constructions to provide a comprehensive HT range.

”Ladder Tapes” are also available. This type of webbing has regular perforations in the middle, one third the width, to produce a ladder like structure. The ladder can be supplied with self adhesive backing, or with various special coatings

ALUTEX tape is made from staple fibre yarns containing fibres with an average diameter of 9 microns.

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Chemical Properties

ALUTEX TAPE exhibits excellent chemical stability resisting attack from organic agents, water and hot acids (except HF)


  • Fire resistant curtains
  • Protective Clothing
  • Controlled cooling of castings
  • Insulation of gas and steam turbines
  • Welding Curtains
  • Insulation Linings
  • Wrapping of exhausts
  • Flange jointing with openings for bolts (“ladder tapes”)
  • Radiant Heat Shields


Additional information


25mm x 3mm, 30mm x 3mm, 40mm x 3mm, 50mm x 3mm, 75mm x 3mm, 100mm x 3mm, 150mm x 3mm

Average Density


Basic Composition

Silicic acid

Loss of mass (1000°C, 2h)

< 10% (dry material)
11 – 13% (considering moisture balance)

Linear Shrinkage

5- 6% (short term 1100°C)

Melting Point

1500 -1550°C


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